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You can now bring your favorite image or picture to life on your very own custom raised canvas.  All you have to do is send us your image or picture and we'll review it's quality to ensure the size you want will deliver a clear print!  We offer photo editing as a complimentary service, and will happily enhance the image, and size/crop it if needed.  After that we'll print your image on commercial grade canvas which we will then hand wrap around a raised canvas wooden frame.


We are happy to now offer our 5 piece panel format as an additional custom format you can choose.  The 5 piece version we are currently offering is called "Style A" and its details are as follows.


The Version A 5 piece canvas includes the following raised canvas panels:
1 - 36"x12" Panel
2 - 24"x12" Panels
2 - 20"x12" Panels


The piece ends up with a max height of 36" and length of 60"


You can send images to us in two ways. Smaller images up to 10mb in size can be sent to us directly through email.  For larger images, use the upload image button found on the "create your own image" page to directly upload larger files up to 20mb to us.  If you do this, please note a description or name of the image being sent.   

All sizes are in inches. Our standard pieces are 3/4 inch deep, but we happily offer a gallery wrap which has a 1.5" depth. Measurement format is as follows. 12"x8"x.75." This would mean that the piece is 12 inches long, 8 inches tall, and 3/4 inch deep. Don't forget that raised canvas art pieces can be hung directly on walls for an elegant look, and you can even put them in traditional frames for a different look.We only use reliable brand name inks to produce clear and lasting images.Pieces up to 40"x30" can be shipped to Canada for standard CA prices. Pieces larger than that are assessed a $30 oversized shipping fee to cover additional shipping cost due to the size of the pieces.


We happily take custom request. Additional shipping charges apply to Alaska and Hawaii orders.

Create Your Own Custom Canvas or Poster Art

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