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Wooden Frames

The GeekFind specializes in providing original custom made to order novelty art prints on high quality canvas and fine poster paper. Our original novelty artwork is created by our in-house team and other artist around the world. 


The idea for the store arose when one particular “geek” was unable to find themed art as a gift for a friend. Faced with limited options, this geek decided to create an art piece from scratch, ultimately launching the idea for the company.

Who creates our art?

Paint Cans

Our original novelty art prints are created from two different sources. Our in-house team focuses on creating commissioned art pieces, while independent artist from around the world submit original designs that fill our art catalog.  Our independent artist earn a commission on every time their piece is sold. Our affiliate artist program is full at the moment, but will be reopening for new artist in the near future. 

More about what we do

Open Sign
  • Create and custom print novelty artwork

  • Offer figurines and accessories

  • Custom print battle maps

  • Custom photo prints

  • Now accepting commission request

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